Low Testosterone?- 6 Tricks for Erectile Dysfunction & Testosterone

low testosterone erectile dysfunctionIf your are suffering from low testotserone, erectile dysfunction, and you want to solve asap, below we present to you 6 natural ways to get it. These ones requires start making changes to your lifestyle , So read this article until the end– If you really wan to fix your problems for good:

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Trick #1 to Low Testosterone

1) how to increase testosterone? Get lean and stay lean, because the more body fat that you have, the more likely that your hormones are going to be out of whack. In fact, there has actually been a lot of research done in this area, with many studies showing that the more fat you carry, the lower your testosterone levels will be.

So it’s definitely worth getting your eating under wraps, and starting an exercise program aimed at burning through some of that excess fat.

Trick #2 to Cure Erectile dysfunction and Low Testosterone Levels

2) Get 7-8 hours of sleep each and every night, and try to nap during the day if you can.Getting adequate sleep has a strong correlation on how to increase testosterone ang get to optimal testosterone levels, and should be high on your priority list if you’re serious about correcting them.

In fact, a study published in the University of Chicago showed that men who averaged just 5 hours of sleep or less experienced a drop in testosterone levels of 10-15 percent.

So your goal is to get at least 6 hours a night of solid sleep, but 7-8 seems to be what’s optimal.

Trick #3 Better than Erection pills or Testosterone Supplements 

3) Ensure that you’re getting an adequate intake of healthy fats such as fats from coconut oil, raw olive oil, nuts, avocado, fish oil and lean animal meats. This will ensure that there are high enough levels of cholesterol to support proper testosterone production functioning. .

But wait – fats and cholesterol?

Yep, that isn’t a typo. There is actually a strong correlation between consuming a diet that is higher in healthy fats, and testosterone production. So eat up!

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Trick #4: Product that is killing testosterone 

4) Limit your intake of any product of alcohol (especially beer) as alcohol consumption definitely has a negative impact on testosterone levels, not to mention your  waistline.

Now, while it’s true that short-term alcohol consumption probably won’t affect your testosterone levels too much, I’m of the opinion that you’re better safe than sorry, and trying to minimize drinking as much as possible (that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a drink or two every once in a while).

Low-T Symptoms Trick #5 

5) Reduce your exposure to environmental estrogens. Xenoestrogen is a chemical that imitates estrogen in the body. When we are exposed to too much of this estrogen-imitating chemical, our testosterone levels can drop significantly,.

The scary part of this is that Xenoestrogens are everywhere – in our plastic, toothpaste, on our foods (that’s why it’s important to eat organic wherever possible), shopping bags, cleaning products, and even in our water.

Now, while reducing our exposure to these may sound like a huge task, you can start by following the advice outlined in THIS article.

How Increase Testosterone Trick #6

increase testosterone supplements6) Start your day with a high protein/medium fat/low carbohydrate meal like eggs or steak, along with some green vegetables and avocado/nuts. , Most people who I’ve seen switch from a carbohydrate-dominant breakfast, to a high protein/moderate fat breakfast immediately report increases in energy, satiety (the feeling of fullness), and almost always end up leaner from that one change .

As you’re about to find out (in the next point), carbohydrates temporarily drop our testosterone levels, and seeing as our testosterone levels are at their highest in the mornings, we don’t want to disrupt that by eating some carbs.

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Disclaimer – While I do have a good base level of knowledge about this topic, I’m not a doctor or medical expert. What I’m about to share shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Before you take on any advice, I do strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor first*

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